At AB, we are proud to be a leader in the development of reliable, high-quality and sophisticated hearing solutions that open the door to the world of sound for our recipients. Research repeatedly proves the advantages of AB technology in understanding speech, distinguishing voices, and enjoying and recognizing music.

What is a cochlear implant and how does it work?

The cochlear implant system consists of several technological parts and works as a cochlear bypass that restores hearing by sending sound directly to the auditory nerve. The first assembly is the internal part (implant and electrode) which is surgically implanted. The second set consists of external parts that are worn on the ear and attached to the implant (transmitter with magnet and processor).


  1. A microphone catches sound waves.
  2. The speech processor converts sound waves into digital signals.
  3. A magnet transmitter sends digital signals to the cochlear implant and electrode assembly in the inner ear.
  4. The electrode assembly stimulates the auditory nerve.
  5. The auditory nerve sends impulses to the brain, which translates them into sounds.

Our products

Advanced Bionics (AB) is the world's leading provider of solutions for severe and very severe hearing loss. For more than 25 years, AB has been removing restrictions for everyone who would otherwise be deprived of the world of sounds. We develop innovative technological solutions to truly change the lives of cochlear implant recipients – we've set the benchmarks for performance, limitless living and audibility. In all these years, we have implanted cochlear implants in more than 100,000 ears in more than 130 countries. We build our success on the development of very powerful and top-quality products, which are backed by a team of outstanding scientists, engineers, audiologists and other experts, who strive for quality with a comprehensive approach and steadfastness

Sky CI M

The world's first cochlear implant designed specifically for children.

We want to offer everything to children. With the Sky CI M solution, children hear, grow with it and easily stay connected to their surroundings.

Naida CI M

Connect with the moments that make you happy.

The all-new cochlear implant speech processor for adults is based on Marvel's famous hearing technology, allowing direct connection to almost any Bluetooth-enabled device.


Kirurg ne more spremljati delovanja polža med vstavljanjem elektrode. Sistem AIM™ je  pri tem lahko v pomoč, saj z vsadkom meri elektrokohleografijo (ECochG) zvočno izzvanega notranjega ušesa in slušnega živca. S  sprotnim  merjenjem med vstavljanjem  elektrode kirurg pridobi pomembne podatke.

Cochlear implant HiRes Ultra 3D

The HiRes™ Ultra 3D cochlear implant has a unique multi-magnet structure that ensures alignment with a three-dimensional magnetic field, so adult or pediatric recipients of this implant do not require preparation, surgery, or high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging, such as 3.0 Tesla. or wrapping the head.

Chorus speech processor

The latest Chorus™ speech processor offers first-generation cochlear implant recipients all-day wear on a single battery charge, a waterproof housing, and built-in Roger™ technology for superior speech understanding in noisy environments and at a distance.

The perfect solution

Most cochlear implant recipients have only one implant, even if the hearing loss is present in both ears. Listening with both ears offers better directionality, better hearing in noisy environments, reduced acoustic fatigue, and improved product satisfaction and quality of life. With AB solutions developed in collaboration with Phonak, you can hear with both ears so you can truly enjoy a better connection with your surroundings.

Naida CI Q Series

Naída™ CI is a small and lightweight speech processor that boasts unique and ground-breaking features to make it easy to hear better in any environment.

The HiRes 90K family of implants

Dovršena oblikovna zasnova vseh polževih vsadkov družine HiRes 90K omogoča vrhunsko prilagajanje, uporabo tako rekoč brez omejitev in popolno nadgradljivost s prihodnjimi inovacijami brez posega.