Simple titration
of nitric oxide

Many patients associate a visit to the dentist and some other interventions with fear and anxiety. Inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide is widely used in the world. Nitric oxide has an analgesic, anxiolytic and slight amnesic effect. It starts working after 30 seconds, and the maximum effect is reached in three to five minutes.

Relaxed patients remain conscious and fully responsive. When 100% oxygen is inhaled, the effect ceases within five minutes.

An automatic compensation system eliminates the need to continuously adjust flow and concentration during the titration process. Built-in visual and audible alarms ensure patient safety. Limited maximum concentration of nitrous oxide for greater patient safety. Automatic interruption of the supply of nitric oxide in the event of failure of the oxygen source. An automatic valve allows air to be inhaled from the room in case the balloon is deflated. The device enables oxygen therapy Button for immediate delivery of 100% oxygen.